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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cookbook Challenge: Vegan Raw Sunflower Seed Cheese

picture: Sister's version of The East TN Vegetarian Society Raw Sunflower Seed Cheese recipe

These two recipes are not from a cookbook,but they come from the websites of The Vegetarian Society of East Tennessee (Vegan Sunflower Seed Cheese) and Rockin Vegan's blog (Sunflower Seed & Herb Cheese). I love to share with my readers awesome and outstanding recipes that I find, and I have tried at home. These two sunflower seed cheese recipes are seriously rockin' old school Lenny Kravitz-style and AC-DC style, bluesy BB King-style, and jazzy-classical violinist Regina Carter style! What do I mean? They are deliciously talented and you'll never tire of these recipes. If there was a Grammy Award for rockin' Vegan Cheese recipes, these two recipes would be part of the nominations! Click on both website links for East TN Vegetarian Society and The Rockin Vegan versions.

The Challenge: How I found the recipes?

I found both recipes quick and easy to prepare in 15 minutes or less. Both are raw versions, so no cooking is required. The amount of nutrition you receive from these recipes are off the chart! Sunflower seeds are known for their anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, cholesterol reduction detoxification,and cancer prevention properties. Sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin E and Folate. Click here for WHFoods.com nutrition information on sunflower seeds: WHFoods.com

I never purchase vegan cheese, and tend to experiment with many versions of making vegan cheese at home - especially, with whole foods as one or more main ingredients.

The Vegetarian Society of East Tennessee Raw Sunflower Seed Cheese: I used this recipe as a sandwich spread for various sandwiches made from roasted vegetables (examples: eggplant, mushrooms, beets...and more). I also used it on crusty Italian bread with fresh basil and tomatoes, served with a glass of Savingnon Blanc Wine.

The Rockin Vegan Sunflower Seed & Herb Cheese : a lot more firmer than the above recipe. I used it as a raw stuffing for a vegan raw sushi version where the sunflower seed cheese took the place of the rice. I also used it as the cheese for a home-made vegan pizza. This sunflower seed cheese recipe is also good as a sandwich spread; served on crusty Italian bread with fresh basil, and cheese; warmed and tossed with pasta; breakfast spread with a fig preserve on home-made bread and a Cup of Joe.

Although I gave a few ideas of how I used both sunflower seed cheese spreads, the options are limitless. Be creative! I never will purchase store vegan cheese again. This cheese is not processed, and the nutrients found in both raw versions is what I want out of any meal or snack that I prepare. What's on your plate right now? Give either or both of these raw vegan sunflower seed cheese recipes a try!

My kudoos to East TN Vegetarian Society and The Rockin' Vegan for great recipes that we can easily make at home!

~ Sister Vegetarian

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