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Friday, July 1, 2011

Encouragement for Newbie Vegetarians and Vegans To Try New Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes: Sister's Husband Speaks of His Newbie Vegetarian Journey

I once indicated that my husband, Patrick, loved his meat. I considered him a certified meat eater with his meals of meat based lunches and dinners with little to zero vegetables as an accompaniment. I never badgered him to become a vegetarian or vegan. I just led by example. I was a role model to him. By never saying "you should become a vegetarian," nor ever making statements of what he should be doing - my husband came to this lifestyle on his own accord. I believe that if we use our actions-the way we present ourselves as vegetarian or vegans - then others will come to this lifestyle on their own. As he journeys on his personal path of vegetarianism, I am acting as the vegetarian lifestyle coach to my life partner. I suggest, but never force. I want him to make his choices and decisions of the types of vegetarian meals he prefers to eat and the type of vegetarian lifestyle he prefers to live. When others make their own decisions on their journey, they are more apt to remain vegetarians or vegans and be successful.

Well, these past 2 weeks, I promised my husband that I would be quiet on my blog but the suspense was killing me! Finally, he said, okay... let Sister's Readers know how good I feel! My husband went vegetarian on June 17th - 2 weeks ago. After seeing for the past 2 years how my body has healed itself of past illnesses, become a toned and athletic body at age 44, and gained an abundance of energy, he decided to give it a try. He has also willingly watched the abundance of documentaries on how a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can reverse, prevent, and in some cases cure heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. As in my family, my husband's family also has a history of heart disease and diabetes. While my father is currently battling pancreatic cancer, my husband's maternal grandfather passed away from the same illness. My husband indicated that as his wife has switched to a vegan lifestyle to give herself a chance against illnesses that have plagued family members, he also wanted to give himself a chance at life by becoming a vegetarian. If the research and stats were out there of how vegetarianism and veganism can reverse, treat, and possibly cure many illnesses and diseases, he thought why was he just sitting on this wealth of information that can add years to his life.

Statistics say that on an average, vegetarians live 5 years longer than meat eaters and vegans live 15 years longer than meat eaters.

After 2 weeks, my husband says that he feels great. He has lost 3 pounds, and does not feel so full after dinner. Previously on a meat-eating lifestyle, he felt a need to rest on the sofa after meals because of an uncomfortable fullness in his stomach. Now, he feels so full of life after a meal. At first he said 2 weeks ago he would try a week, and see how it goes. Initially, he was not positive that he would like a vegetarian lifestyle even during the first week of switching. After the completion of his 1st week, he said he wanted to do another week because he was feeling great after a week of being a vegetarian. He feels hungry at times...I won't lie....but his body is adjusting to not being overly stuffed. He says that the hunger feeling is subsiding and the good feelings of eating healthy are taking over. Now, he is entering his third week as a vegetarian and is proud to call himself a vegetarian amongst family, friends, and acquaintances. He is thinking more about what he is putting into his body. I am proud of Patrick as my husband, my best friend, my soul-mate, and as his vegetarian lifestyle coach. By making it through two weeks - he has made a positive change and a personal victory. He'll take it one day at a time for this lifestyle. I believe that is how we can be successful.

~ Sister Vegetarian

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