What to Expect from Sister Vegetarian Recipes...

Sister Vegetarian knows the importance of nutrition without breaking the bank. In lieu of this, I keep the meals to a cost that anyone can create and still stick to a budget. I also include raw vegan meals. Sister has acquired a Raw Vegan Chef Certfication through The Raw Food Network-Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education. I love to cook meals from Africa, India, the Middle East, Greece, Italy, and the list goes on. When I cook, I call it traveling the world without leaving my home. I see cooking as a way to experiment and learn about other cultures, as I also learn more about my roots.

Enjoy the meals. Enjoy the travel. No Passport Required. Just an appetite for delicious and healthy meals.

Peace & Love, Sister Vegetarian.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sister Vegetarian's Classes are starting soon!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends

The Virtual Vegetarian and Vegan Classes will be starting soon in mid December. When the first video is posted, I will send out a notice along with the class syllabus and any accompanying documents. The first class will also feature cooking demonstrations and recipes for making your own inexpensive non-dairy cheese. After all, cheese is one thing that many vegetarians find it hard to give up to become vegans; or, many people, although vegans, are lactose intolerant to dairy cheese products.

The classes will be uploaded to Sister Vegetarian TV at You Tube, and will be various 30 minute or more in length classes. This will be a fun learning experience for everyone with no need to try to make classes at a specific site location. You can view and refer back to the classes anytime. Tell your friends and family in other states or countries to link to Sister Vegetarian's TV once the classes start :)

You will have a chance to email me questions after each viewing, and I will answer your questions at the next virtual class.

The classes will illustrate how being a vegetarian or vegan compliments your lifestyle to provide a drama-free, healthy way of living that also contributes to preserving the environment and animals.

~ Donna M Beaudoin "Sister Vegetarian"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sister V's Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu and Ideas for Your Own Thanksgiving Menu

Image from The Happy Vegan Thanksgiving Song found at Todd McHatton (Todd McHatton is a musician, artist, and writer living in Ojai, California). Link to Todd McHatton's website here for the song, image, and how to get your version of The Happy Thanksgiving Song

Sister Vegetarian's Thanksgiving Menu Ideas:

Looking for ideas for your first or one of many Vegan or Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner? Maybe you are invited to someone else's home for Thanksgiving, and to eliminate the "drama" of explaining why you are not eating turkey or meat based meals, you are looking for some vegan and vegetarian recipes to take along to share.

Below is my Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Menu that I will be cooking for my husband and parents. I searched the web for awesome recipes to plan my Thanksgiving Menu. I have included the links to the various recipes along with the menu. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Remember, it's a day of Thanksgiving and a day of giving to those in need who will truly be grateful for your kind gestures.

Vegan Potato Leek Soup
(Care2 Make A Difference)
Collard Greens Salad
(Eat It, Live It, Love It)
Vegan Lasagna (
Vegetarian Times Magazine)
Vegan Hippy Meatloaf
(Happy Herbivore)
Vegan Mushroom Gravy
(Whole Foods Market Recipes)
Vegan White or Yellow Mashed Potatoes
(Vegetarian About.Com)
Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes
(Vegetarian About.com)
Vegan Stuffing
(Savvy Vegetarian)