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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cookbook Challenge: A Salute to Omega Psi Phi and Vegan Purple Potato Salad (The Purple and Gold)

This weekend's challenge comes from the cookbook Vegan Fusion World Cuisine. The cookbook is based on the recipes of the Blossoming Lotus Vegan Restaurant in Hawaii.

The Vegan Fusion World Cuisine book (also available at Amazon.com new or used) also contains inspirational quotes on each recipe page. The restaurant and the book recipes are inspired from whole and live foods. Today's recipe is the Vegan Purple Potato Salad Recipe. A Hawaiian sweet purple potato was used in the book's recipe; however, throughout the book, substitutions are given for each recipe where vegetables or fruits may not be prevalent or are not in season in regions of the world. A substitute
given for the sweet purple potatoes was yams or sweet potatoes; or, any version of potatoes. Although my local store does carry purple potatoes, it is not the sweet version. The purple potatoes at my local grocery story are nutty tasting and delicious, but I preferred to go for the sweet version as the recipe suggested. The US South is known for its sweet potatoes; so, a trip to my local farmer, Wise Farms out of Johnston County North Carolina, provided the sweet potatoes for my recipe.

I am use to purchasing my own vegan mayonnaise, although I have made my own vegan mayonnaise in the past. The recipe for the vegan mayonnaise in this cookbook, in my opinion, surpassed all other homemade vegan mayonnaise recipes that I have previously prepared. This goes with saying that I WILL NEVER purchased store brought mayonnaise again because the Vegan Fusion World Cuisines' vegan mayonnaise was "da bomb!" For those not knowing this urban terminology...in other words "da bombs" is an "old school" way of saying that it was "AWESOME!" Excuse the language, but DAMN!... the home-made vegan mayonnaise was AWESOME!!! This recipe went well for the beginning of baseball season this weekend, with my fav and home-town team The NY Yankees belting it out against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium. I paired this recipe with a vegan version of Emeril's Vegetarian Cuban sandwich, and a glass of Shiraz wine as the The Yankees played on my TV yesterday! The purple potato salad (or, substituting yam or sweet potato) will be great for summer picnics and BBQs that even carnivores will have their lips and fingers licking fro more!

A salute to Omega Psi Phi - Congratulations as you celebrate 100 years of excellence!!!

Idea: My brother is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (Q Dogs as they are also known) who are celebrating 100 years this year. If you know a brother who is a member of this fraternity, make this meal for them using the purple potatoes. Many stores are now carrying the purple potatoes, not the sweet version, but the nutty tasting version of sweet potatoes. When cooked, the purple potatoes maintain their beautiful deep purple hue. Omega Psi Phi's colors are purple and gold, so why not bring this purple potato salad representing Omega Psi Phi's colors to a picnic or party in celebration of Omega Psi Phi's 100 years of service to the community! The potato salad will end up being purple and gold because turmeric is added to the recipe which actually showcases a purple and gold salad! Sister loves to give you creative ideas!

note on printed recipe: You can acquire this book inexpensively at Amazon.com, or at your local library. Since I am duplicating the recipes exactly, I am unable to reprint the recipes due to copyrights; however, this recipe can be found easily through this book or duplicated in many different ways as I have found on vegan and vegetarian food websites.

~ Sister Vegetarian