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Sister Vegetarian knows the importance of nutrition without breaking the bank. In lieu of this, I keep the meals to a cost that anyone can create and still stick to a budget. I also include raw vegan meals. Sister has acquired a Raw Vegan Chef Certfication through The Raw Food Network-Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education. I love to cook meals from Africa, India, the Middle East, Greece, Italy, and the list goes on. When I cook, I call it traveling the world without leaving my home. I see cooking as a way to experiment and learn about other cultures, as I also learn more about my roots.

Enjoy the meals. Enjoy the travel. No Passport Required. Just an appetite for delicious and healthy meals.

Peace & Love, Sister Vegetarian.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Watch Now: The Premiere of Food Matter's new documentary "Hungry For Change"

Link here to Watch the Premiere of Food Matter's new documentary "Hungry For Change" Now!! This is a worldwide online premiere on Food Matter's website before it hits the DVDs. Profound Quotes from the documentary that makes you think...hmm...I should be eating "whole foods" vegetarian or vegan for a healthier life.: "Sugar is like cocaine..." "We are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like substances" ~ "Hungry for Change"

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